Friday, 1 December 2017

The origins of... BASS JUNKIE!

from Phil Klein aka Bass Junkie, soundcloud:

"So here they are, some of the early demo trax that I sent to Dynamix II Records (also Rephlex Records later in 93) circa 91/92. These were compiled from cassette tapes that were recently discovered in my sister's house (she keeps everything) and would have been recorded from original cassettes I would have made back in the day, hence the low fi quality. Some of these trax were eventually released as is or with some alterations, others never saw the light of day. For example Robotechno, the first track I recorded in my home studio set up, originally had a vocoder rap using my Roland VP330, but I haven't managed to locate that version unfortunately.
I have picked out what I consider the better or most relevant trax here and left the rest to time... There was another cassette full of more music circa 92/93+ that I have yet to find. If it turns up I will upload the best of those too. These trax are as they appeared on the cassettes and I haven't altered them in any way whatsoever".
1. Robotechno 2. Acid Bass 3. Space Kraft 4. Annihilator 5. Planet Bass 6. The Battle 7. Voider 8. Sound Chemistry