Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Negocius Man - Los Viajes Especiales - Microm Records 009

"Here it is, finally I can show you without any doubt my most special work so far and that with more desire I had that the date will come, it is my most introspective work, it is an idea that has been hovering in my head for many years and in a very clear moment at the beginning on January came to my mind in a form natural way of make this work that almost come out by themselves from so much thinking, the cover, the names of the subjects, "everything" and that with few tools it was possible to achieve join all my worlds, the Electro, the Hiphop instrumental Abstract, the sound of Detroit and the atmospheres space, at the same time you can find tracks at slower rhythms than usual in my productions and longer also because they have an average 7 minutes per track because it required the way to evolve and express myself in each track, at a given moment I came to think about making a CD but gave up because it is a format that does not go with me or where I want to invest money, it's nothing new for me, and thinking digital it will continue to be without any manufacturing.

It is a focused work for listening to listen at home or in the car if you prefer, in winter but not for the club, although for a wide range of people with open minds as you can see.

After 11 months since I created it, here you have it ... Enjoy it".

Written & Produced by Negocius Man
Mastered by Negocius Man at Microm Studio
Photo: Natalia Del Amo
Artwork: Roberto Rey