Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Mechatronica, releases, radio show and other activities

We just receive an email from Casper about Mechatronica, what it is, releases, radio show and other activities, now you know it.


We promote the electro sound via our parties in Berlin, radio shows, podcast series, uploads of live sets and releases our vinyl+digital label. 

On November 24th our new vinyl+digital release with The Exaltics, Drvg Cvltvre, Le Chocolat Noir and Kluentah will be in shops:

We launched our digital-only sublabel last month, and there are two releases already by Fleck ESC and Daribone:
Fleck ESC - Maniacs EP: 
Daribone - Tales From The Interzone EP 

Radio show
We host a radio show every 2 months where we play unreleased and upcoming sounds from established and new producers, always uploaded with tracklist to drive some attention to new artists and labels. Sometimes we interview people from the scene as well. All the shows are recorded live at Sameheads in Berlin.

In the past we have interviewed DJ Glow from TRUST, Sync 24, Vertical 67 and many others.

Show from last week 
Shows archive: 

Podcast mix series
We also host a podcast mix series - until now we have featured Jensen Interceptor, Privacy, Chris Smith from CPU, DVS NME and others.

Check the archive here: 

Live sets
We regularly upload live sets from our parties in Berlin, which we have been hosting for the past 5 years. 

For now, there are close to 20 hours of live recordings in the archive and we keep adding new sounds. You’ll find sets in there from Rude 66, Fleck ESC, Kan3da, Ali Renault and others.


Every 2 months we host parties in Berlin as well. In the past we have invited Billy Nasty, Fleck ESC, The Exaltics, DJ Hell, DMX Krew, Defekt, Umwelt, Rude 66, Alex Cortex, Morphology, Silicon Scally, Komarken Electronics, Mr. Pauli and others.

We will host a big Easter party in 2018 on March 30th, which could be of interest to EU electro fans, even if they live outside of Germany. I can send you the info when we publish the lineup.

Archive of all our events: