Tuesday, 13 June 2017


First, thanks for the support to this project. In last months we received emails and messages about Rhys and his music almost every day, from old friends to people that discovered his music because this release, and also from people that only wrote to express their condolences, thanks to all of you, we really appreciate every word you sent.
This project is one of the most difficult things I made in my life, when I start with a new project I like to write to the artists and talk about the little details for the design, the artwork and of course also about the technical details of the mastering, it is a process that I really enjoy, but this time I had to do it alone and this was the most difficult part of the process. This time the conversations about all these details only took place in my head, of course Anais and my daughters helped me as they always do in every project, but this time all the fight was in my mind, "I have to do it perfect, I have to do it perfect..", of course it is not but I put all I have in all levels into this project with the only hope Rhys and his family can be proud when they have these records in their hands.
Remembering Rhys and his family every time we play these records is the best way to honor his music and his name.
The records are now in our hands and we are mounting the plexiglass jackets with the translucens papers, bolts, etc :) will be a hard work for some days, so please be patience, as you know we are only a little label and we will need time, but we will start sending your orders very soon. 
And yes, we will answer your emails in the next hours. Thanks again!

Madrid, 13th June 2017