Friday, 30 June 2017


What a mix!!

All Tracks Written and Produced by Gosub. Mixed by Mr. Myoplast.
1. Tra-fuse I
2. The Mountain Of Ru
3. Her Machine
4. Blind World
5. Next To Me
6. Strange City
7. Mind travel method
8. Avoid
9. Sordon's love
10. The Element II (Metal Beast Mix)
11. Low Volume Lovers
12. Heartbreaker
13. In This Life
14. Lost In Our Ways
15. Odessa
16. The Rain Comes Down (Dcast Dynamics Remix)
17. Laugh Track
18. Short Phase
19. Sordon Escape
20. The Chains Of Technology
21. Populated Data Cells
22. Tra-fuse II
23. Love Like The Past
24. Last Night At The Stardust
25. We Are Still Searching
26. Force Quit
27. Init Ur Mind

Thursday, 29 June 2017


You can read about it here:

Label of the month (great) mix by DJ VLR, one of the label's key affiliates, delivers the sound of CPU.

Alek Stark - RMB 56
Mikron - Out of Body
Federico Leocata - Metacaust
Fah - Cautionism
B12 - Step Inside
Mrs Jynx - Diving Loop
Carbo Flex - Tim
Annie Hall - Herschel
Scape One - Five Hundred Eyes
Morphology - Cobol
MNLTH - Flektro
Microlith - Ju-World
DMX Krew - Space Cucumbers
Tryphème - Away From Prying Eyes
Blixaboy - Masque
Noumen - White Silence
Megatraveller - Escape
Pip Williams - Cutty Told Me
CN - New Ways To Walk
214 - Keep Right
Jensen Interceptor - Microbial
Mikron - Dry Sense II
Goto80 - Fist of Trade
Nadia Struiwigh - Trip In Fiction
Paul Blackford - Proteus
Missqulater - Jenseits Der Traumer
Koova - Retro Transformer
Daddy Long Legs - The Club
Automatic Tasty - Praise Brigade
Detromental - Rewind (Rebuilt)
Cygnus - Arcade Killers
Sync 24 - Program 5
Plant43 - Weightless in The Void
Fah - Uninterpreted


The Bass Agenda inbox has been busy lately and there is more great music coming in than I can fit into this week's episode of BA with Kurt Uenala, so here is a collection of recent and forthcoming sounds making the radar flicker....

Jani Ho - R Train to Helsinki (UKR)
Alek Stark - NGC 419 (CPU)
Sbles3plex - Pmm Pss Tah (Dynamic Bass System's Detroit Techno Re-rub) (Fundamental Bass Intelligence)
Mark Fanciulli - Deviation (DJ 3000 remix) (Motech)
Env3 - Typ 10 (Beardman)
DJ Ze MigL - The Cowbell (Bass Agenda Recordings)
Mark Broom - One Sound (DJ Hyperactive remix)
Exzakt - Start The Party (Monotone)
Sbles3plex - Step Back (Stroud's Funky Futuristic Breaks mix) (Fundamental Bass Intelligence)
Salmz - Mr Ralph (Dave Calculator remix) (Seven Sisters Records)
ATIX - Shaky (Bass Agenda Recordings)
Francesco Miele - Badmouth (Lester Fitzpatrick remix) (UKR)
XY0815 - Tool Matter (Brokntoys)
Jostronamer - Abyss (Bass Agenda Recordings)
Carlos Native - Biosphere (Self-released)
Crystal Maze - Castro Valley (Brokntoys)

Tuesday, 13 June 2017


First, thanks for the support to this project. In last months we received emails and messages about Rhys and his music almost every day, from old friends to people that discovered his music because this release, and also from people that only wrote to express their condolences, thanks to all of you, we really appreciate every word you sent.
This project is one of the most difficult things I made in my life, when I start with a new project I like to write to the artists and talk about the little details for the design, the artwork and of course also about the technical details of the mastering, it is a process that I really enjoy, but this time I had to do it alone and this was the most difficult part of the process. This time the conversations about all these details only took place in my head, of course Anais and my daughters helped me as they always do in every project, but this time all the fight was in my mind, "I have to do it perfect, I have to do it perfect..", of course it is not but I put all I have in all levels into this project with the only hope Rhys and his family can be proud when they have these records in their hands.
Remembering Rhys and his family every time we play these records is the best way to honor his music and his name.
The records are now in our hands and we are mounting the plexiglass jackets with the translucens papers, bolts, etc :) will be a hard work for some days, so please be patience, as you know we are only a little label and we will need time, but we will start sending your orders very soon. 
And yes, we will answer your emails in the next hours. Thanks again!

Madrid, 13th June 2017

Wednesday, 7 June 2017


Head of Sheffield based Central Processing Unit, Chris Smith, provides a remarkable hour of electro for the 8th Mechatronicast.

Having released over 50 records since its inception in 2012, CPU has been a key contributor to the electronic music scene across a broad variety of styles, and continues to generate refreshing output from established and upcoming producers.


1. Elecktroids - Future Tone
2. Kraftwerk - Numbers
3. Power Pill - Pac-Man
4. LFO - We Are Back
5. Q-Chip - Brain Surge
6. London Modular Alliance - The Mind is a Terrible Thing
7. ERP - Tuga
8. Autechre - Second Scepe
9. Morphology - Dark Flow
10. Automatic Tasty - Some Future Spring (Instrumental)
11. CN - Intravenous
12. Plant43 - Tellarium Snow
13. DMX Krew - D75 Theme
14. Scape One - Recombination
15. Microlith - Dance With Me


Hello to all the wavers! Today we are pleased to welcome Mr DVS NME into our podcast series. This guy is defending the dark side of electro since quite a long time. With his weekly radioshow Dark Science Electro on B.A.S.S. and now on Intergalactic FM (every Fridays at 20:00 GMT), aka the best radio ever, but also with his quality productions released on Solar One, Fundamental and on Arnold Steiner’s great label Transient Force! In brief, this gentleman cradled our young years of snare lovers … and we thank him warmly!
"Faithful to his convictions, his podcast is dark, enchanting, as robotic as you could wish. DVS NME demonstrate another time that electro is and will remain the music of the future".
If aliens don’t land after the listening of this mix, we’ll stop everything!
DVS NME’s souncloud : @dvsnme
DVS NME’s facebook : www.facebook.com/DVS-NME-216733050708

MetaComplex - Reality Overdose
Layup - Black Gap
NRSB-11 - 685 471 2
Boris Divider - Citydrome
Nullptr - Sciera
Das Muster - Unbekannte Krafte
Vessel In Distress - Looking Glass
Alek Stark - Diapause
Erase - Try Again
Versalife - Electronic Suspect
Dopplereffekt - Infophysix
Silicon Scally - Pace
AS1 - Untold Secrets
Headnoaks – Seaport
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