Sunday, 31 December 2017

Interview Wolfgang Flür by Chris Simpson

"Now I present the first electronic drumset to the world"
“It broke my heart" – on 1st hearing the Synthesiser
Wolfgang Flur is my new guest on the new episode of The StageLeft Podcast - an in depth honest & compelling 50min interview covering:-
- The emotional reunion with Florian Schneider after 30 years
- The inner dynamics of Kraftwerk early sessions
- Adapting his Keith Moon style of drumming to suit Kraftwwerk's unique sound
- Playing The Bataclan in Paris
- How he looks to the future based on his own endeavours
And much more – enjoy!. 
Previous guests include Tony Visconti on recording Blackstar with David Bowie, Steve Cropper of Booker T. & The M.G.'s and Richard Fortus of Guns N' Roses.
Chris Simpson
The StageLeft Podcast

Saturday, 30 December 2017

Neptunian Influence NIP 09 Mix | Shinra

One track from 5th Anniversary 808 Box I really love is Orion, produced by Shinra. Today I found this mix and I had a very special feeling when I was listening, love it, it is different, fresh and beautiful. Very good selection.


1. Datassette - Mannequin on the Run
2. Shadow Dancer - Supertoys
3. Junq - From Below
4. RWD - Spirit That Dyes
5. 214 - Pickles & Mints
6. Randomer - Smokin
7. Special Request - Adel Crag Microdot
8. Brassica - Coco Diaz
9. Versalife - Manipulated Matter
10. Special Request - Redrum
11. Transllusion - Dimensional Glide
12. Mikron - Dry Sense
13. MNLTH - Harrier 2
14. Shinra - Taurusfnk

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Susana P. Correia R.I.P

We just got the bad news from Penélope Martín and Beta Evers, very sad news for this end of the year 2017.

Susana P. Correia of Bushwick, New York, on Oct. 4, 2017. Beloved daughter, sister, sister-in-law, aunt, godmother and friend. Member of Zwischenwelt (with Penélope Martín, Beta Evers and Heinrich Mueller), has passed away aged 41.


Here is some words from Beta and Penélope posted in Facebook:

Beta Evers:
"Me and the other members of Zwischenwelt (Heinrich Mueller, Penelope Martin) just got the sad news that our bandmate Susana P. Correia (Bushwick, New York, USA) is no longer with us. She passed away a couple of weeks ago. Between 2007-2011 we worked together on our group project Zwischenwelt; we had a lot of e-mail exchange and regular conferences on Skype during that time. She brought lots of passion, ideas and sounds into this project and also came to Germany for some real time production together with the group. For "Segunda Realidad" she did the lead vocals. She was very interested in the subject of quantum physics and paranromal phenomenons and we had interesting discussions about it. Last time we talked was when she got a video done for the vinyl release of our album "Paranormale Aktivität" on Clone Records. This video is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mh3gQqwM4mQ Goodbye Susana, we will forever miss you!"

Penélope Martín:
"With great sadness and grief I must inform of the death of our good friend, Susana P. Correia (Bushwick, New York, USA), member of Zwischenwelt’s band , DJ, producer and, above all, a great person, an acupuncturist and healer, who volunteered her time in Nepal. 

A fundamental part of our band, alongside Beta Evers, Heinrich Mueller and myself, that could never be replace.

We shared a magic trip to Germany. I will always remember you with love. Will miss you forever my friend."

Gerald Donald
"The world will remember Susana P. Correia through her musical contributions"

Here is the video Beta mentioned in her Facebook post. Play it in tribute to Susana.

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Shipping 5th Anniversary 808 Box

Next week we will start shipping the 808 Box to all artists involved in this project. After that we will start shipping the 808 Box to all you :) 

Remember that Fundamental Records is a family project and we are only two persons making everything, even working weekends, free days and many nights, is very hard to have everything ready in such a short period of time, besides orders from outside Europe need more days to be delivered, so please be patient.

Any question please write here: info@fundamental-records.com

Monday, 25 December 2017

The story of the classic ORCH 5 (or it is ORCH 2?) by ROBERT FINK

Perhaps the first digital sample to become well known within popular music was actually a piece of Western art music, the fragment of Stravinsky’s Firebird captured within the Fairlight Computer Musical Instrument, the first digital ‘sampler’, as ‘ORCH5’.

This loud orchestral attack was made famous by Bronx DJ Afrika Bambaataa, who incorporated the sound into his seminal 1982 dance track, ‘Planet Rock’. Analysis of Kraftwerk’s ‘Trans Europe Express’, also sampled for ‘Planet Rock’, provides an interpretive context for Bambaataa’s use of ORCH5, as well as the hundreds of songs that deliberately sought to copy its sound. Kraftwerk’s concerns about the decadence of European culture and art music were not fully shared by users of ORCH5 in New York City; its sound first became part of an ongoing Afro-futurist musical project, and by 1985 was fully naturalised within the hip-hop world, no more ‘classical’ than the sound of
scratching vinyl.

To trace the early popular history of ORCH5’s distinctive effect, so crucial for early hip-hop, electro, and Detroit techno, is to begin to tell the post-canonic story of Western art music.

Germany has a very long classical music tradition.
(Ralf Hütter of Kraftwerk, 2004)
The DJ plays your favourite blasts,
Takes you back to the past –
Music’s magic! (poof)
(Afrika Bambaataa, ‘Planet Rock’, 1982)

You can download the full info in .pdf here

Check the original fragment of Stravinsky and the Fairlight sound here

Friday, 22 December 2017

Mauro Nakimi - Lektramind - 808 Box - 5th Anniversary

Official video of Mauro Nakimi - Lektramind, from the 5th Anniversary 808 Box project.  

Like Mauro Nakimi on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nakimiprofile

Listen the 5th Anniversary 808 Box project here:

Friday, 15 December 2017

Federico Leocata - Journey To The Unknown - 808 Box - 5th Anniversary

Official video of Federico Leocata performing Journey To The Unknown from the 5th Anniversary 808 Box project.  

Like Federico Leocata on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/federicoleocata

Listen the 5th Anniversary 808 Box project here:

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Negocius Man - Los Viajes Especiales - Microm Records 009

"Here it is, finally I can show you without any doubt my most special work so far and that with more desire I had that the date will come, it is my most introspective work, it is an idea that has been hovering in my head for many years and in a very clear moment at the beginning on January came to my mind in a form natural way of make this work that almost come out by themselves from so much thinking, the cover, the names of the subjects, "everything" and that with few tools it was possible to achieve join all my worlds, the Electro, the Hiphop instrumental Abstract, the sound of Detroit and the atmospheres space, at the same time you can find tracks at slower rhythms than usual in my productions and longer also because they have an average 7 minutes per track because it required the way to evolve and express myself in each track, at a given moment I came to think about making a CD but gave up because it is a format that does not go with me or where I want to invest money, it's nothing new for me, and thinking digital it will continue to be without any manufacturing.

It is a focused work for listening to listen at home or in the car if you prefer, in winter but not for the club, although for a wide range of people with open minds as you can see.

After 11 months since I created it, here you have it ... Enjoy it".

Written & Produced by Negocius Man
Mastered by Negocius Man at Microm Studio
Photo: Natalia Del Amo
Artwork: Roberto Rey

BA071: Order Of The Muffin

Macedonian artist Order Of The Muffin (https://soundcloud.com/order-of-the-muffin-official) returns to Bass Agenda Recordings for a second outing with ‘City Of The Moon’. He prides himself on doing his own thing, experimenting with sound combinations, and ignoring trends and genre sensibilities.

‘City Of The Moon’ is a diverse place to visit and your senses are sparked at every turn. Industrial areas where heavy, mechanical, distorted sounds dominate; areas of beauty and serenity; hi-tech regions where lasers dance in front of your eyes; vibrant Techno clubs; and many parts where these areas blend together – there is no place like it.

Visiting the city and giving their own take on the experience are fellow Macedonian sonic solider Alavux with an infectious Techno take on ‘Thron’ and the USA’s Nuklear Prophet’s downtempo Electro remix of ‘Miss You’.

All tracks written & produced by Nikola Zhevairovski
Mastered by Boris Boras
Artwork by 4th Genome

Friday, 8 December 2017

Music for The Other People Place

First three records available now in Fundamental Records bandcamp


New project and new label from the creators of the 808 Box, Fundamental Records.
Strongly recommend to take some time and read about this project:
There are many details that make this project something really unique. These records will become classics if they are not already!. The music of every record is very special, also the artwork and the technic use to print each sleeve, but the concept behind this project something you need to understand, as you can read in the website everything is based in two factors:
First, to provide the artist with complete anonymity in order to create in absolute freedom.
Second, to offer the listener the work of the artist without any external distortions.
The use of words to describe or define music is a senseless task. Most of the time the intention of descriptive text is not to shed light on the work of the artist, but rather to serve as a promotional tool to drive sales and increase recognition. This often has the unfortunate result of limiting the creator and his work. Music is all we need, any other additives are completely dispensable.
This project is an experiment.
Only six artists are part of this project.
The identity of the artists involved in the project will remain private but they are free to reveal their identity after some time, even if we would prefer they didn’t (that is the reason we provide a special code in the back of each record)
• The artists involved in the project are not aware of the identity of the other artists.
During the following 12 months we will periodically release 12 records: 11 x 12″ and the last one, a special 7″
Each record is a full album, a trip into the mind of the artist. There is no need for “perfected” tracks as this is not a collection of hits compiled on a 12” for massive sales. We asked each artist to work without any limitations or expectations that their previous “sound” might impose. In this way the artist may expose ones true self in the music or choose to demonstrate another side of their creative self.

Kurt Baggaley - Remembering Infinity Ep

New EP from Kurt Baggaley on Something Happening Somewhere

Kurt Baggaley is back on Something Happening Somewhere with his trademark drawn out manifestations and trance inducing melodies. Remembering Infinity is an 8-minute ode to the limitless, waves of arpeggiated notes and subtle pads wash you away with an endless display of dazzling forms. Trading off your mentally accepted shape and exchanging it with that within us that is unbounded. On the same side we find Mattheis taking this sonic meditation to the club environment, channeling the blissful experience to our inner dancer. Stretching, bending and condensing the sonic tapestry. 

On the B-side Kurt Baggaley shows a different side with electro slow burner ‘Under It’s Watchful Eye’. Packing a more sinister vibe while peaking inside our Orwellian society, it slowly unveils a more mature reflection. Completing the story is Awanto3, reworking the digital only ‘Detect’ into a house injected vibey piece. Think scrungy vocoders, rumbling drum computers and walking bass lines.

HERE you can listen other tracks by Kurt Baggaley aka Scape One

Scand presents - Sheffield's mighty CPU Records + Cultivated Electronics

Tickets here: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1038753

Upcoming: VC-118A Permutation

New Frustrated Funk: FR041

Pre-order HERE

Friday, 1 December 2017

ALIENATA & BETA EVERS: Nova Express (24.11.17)

Listen back to Beta Evers taking over Alienata's monthly Nova Express show.

Beta Evers Soundcloud
Alienata Soundcloud

The origins of... BASS JUNKIE!

from Phil Klein aka Bass Junkie, soundcloud:

"So here they are, some of the early demo trax that I sent to Dynamix II Records (also Rephlex Records later in 93) circa 91/92. These were compiled from cassette tapes that were recently discovered in my sister's house (she keeps everything) and would have been recorded from original cassettes I would have made back in the day, hence the low fi quality. Some of these trax were eventually released as is or with some alterations, others never saw the light of day. For example Robotechno, the first track I recorded in my home studio set up, originally had a vocoder rap using my Roland VP330, but I haven't managed to locate that version unfortunately.
I have picked out what I consider the better or most relevant trax here and left the rest to time... There was another cassette full of more music circa 92/93+ that I have yet to find. If it turns up I will upload the best of those too. These trax are as they appeared on the cassettes and I haven't altered them in any way whatsoever".
1. Robotechno 2. Acid Bass 3. Space Kraft 4. Annihilator 5. Planet Bass 6. The Battle 7. Voider 8. Sound Chemistry

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

KRAFTWERK: Computer World Tour

(click to enlarge the picture)
First, there are two analogue sequencers which will produce up to sixty-four notes. The many rows of switches have 'in, shift and stop' settings for trigger, rest and reset points, as well as pitch control. The sequence can run as two x 32 in parallel or 1 x 64 in series. LED indicators can be clearly seen from the audience during operation. The triggers can be outputted wherever Ralf desires, generally to the console instruments (except Karl's who prefers to play manual bass lines).
So here is the secret of Kraftwerk's superb synchronisation throughout their performance. "Remember, we have been playing this kind of synchronised music for about ten years. To play along with machines is very difficult - a lot of people speed up or slow down when doing it. Our 'dialogue' with the machines is to choose whenever we want the machine or human pulse. Although we don't yet have the perfect set-up, the 'friendship' or inter-relationship we create with the machines makes them an extension of the musician. If one instrument breaks down we are still able to continue, and when we finish our current series of tours we'll be modifying the set still further."
Several master clocks are positioned around the console so that any player can be selecting a tempo for the next piece. This explains the short gap between numbers - "It could be even shorter but we are a little nervous sometimes! We can also trigger other synthesisers off stage and the clock times are set via a digital display and key pad."
Ralf's TV monitor and telephone communication to engineers.
The Roland Micro-Composer (with expanded memory) plus a bank of switches for routing signals. "The composer can be used for extra tracks in one or two pieces or as the time clock in performance, although we prefer to use it when we are at home for trying out sequence combinations. This is much easier than using the analogue sequencers but it still takes a fair amount of time to set up."
The Eventide Digital Delay and Flanger with a small stereo mixer. Panning of sounds can be done by the players mixers or by the sound engineer. "We are not the biggest fans of panning!" comments Ralf. "We think stereo is a 'privileged sound' since only those that sit in the middle hear it properly, and so we are happier to use a mono output that has plenty of depth. Electronic Reverberation is not used very much in performance because most venues have enough (or too much) already."
Both Ralf and Florian use headsets. Ralf does the 'straight' vocals, often shielding the mic with his hand to avoid feedback and increase bass volume. Florian's mic feeds the vocoder and this adds subtle changes to Ralf's voice and provides extra effects.


from Luke Eargoggle:

Last electro party to celebrate the end of the 2017! 
Gothenburg - Sweden
9th December 
23:00 - 6:00

Line up:

Live Kulda Boli /Island Stilleben
Live Hisingen Electro / Stilleben
Live Kan3da / Stilleben / Transient Force

Dj Luke Eargoggle Stilleben / Bunker 
Dj Vero Top Nice
Dj Rutherford Stilleben / Kondi etc

Fler Djs tillkommer...

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Sonic LAB: Roland SH-01A Boutique

from sonicstate.com, a new SonicLab by Nick where he analyzes the new Roland SH-01A, check this little beast!! 

Here we go again, it's another Roland reboot in Boutique form. But don't worry, this one really seems to work - spoiler I know but I wanted to get that out of the way.
The SH-101 is an iconic synth in many ways, as it was an enabler for many to enter into the world of synthesis and electronic music, back in 1984 when it was first released, it showed up on a lot of new emerging music. Since then, it's been a mainstay for many electronic outfits due to it having that classic Roland sound while still being relatively affordable.
The Boutique SH-01A does pretty much that, they've not messed around with the layout much, and as a thing it actually works well in boutique form - unlike some of the others.
The sound is faithful, fire up and you're there again, that snappy Roland sound it immediately right there in front of you - yes is does sound like a 101.
Added bonus is of course the fact that you can run it in 4-voice mode, making a handy little poly synth from four 101 voices. Additionally there's a Unison mode (no detune tweak) and a chord mode - stack up four voices at fixed intervals.
You also get  64 memory locations, and 64 for storing sequences too - though sadly these are not linked.


Here you have one of my favorite DJ in MadridWaje was the founder of the classic 8Z8 electro nights in Madrid some years ago. Now he is spinning records in Moebium (just in case you visit Madrid!)

Check this 2 hours 33 minutes of this excellent vinyl record session. 


Transcendental Experiments: The Villain

From Iceland

Please listen this work and support the artist here:

BALLACID: Youtube Channel

With more than 10k subscribers and excellent music this channel deserves a good inspection.

Check it HERE

Here is video where you can the man talking about music, records and machines... I recommend you you check it, use subtitles!

ANALOG CABIN 004: Critical Automator EP

From Australia, new EP by Adrian Burns aka Automator/Drox.

“The 4th release on the Analog Cabin Label is out today from Adrian Burns / Drox under a new alias which brings a modern twist to retro - future Electro and Techno vibes on this new EP.

You could count the dedicated Real Electro producers in Australia on one hand and have fingers spare. Super genuine electro sounds and authentic old school vibes meet futuristic robot language. Great stuff!!”

Recorded and Mixed at Studio B
Mastered at Analog Cabin

Artwork by Donna Millan

Monday, 27 November 2017

Dataman - Exopolitics

Preset recordings is a sublabel of KinetiK Records, Greece's first techno label (est. 1994).
Preset started as a minimal techno label, but evolved to an electro / minimal synth label.

Bandcamp: https://kinetikrecords.bandcamp.com

Exopolitics is the new album of Savvas Georgiadis aka Dataman, 9 tracks full of electro bleeps, clicks & strings.

Support the label and the artist here:

Guest Mix 95: Pip Williams

from Pip Facebook

"I don't usually record live sets. But these guys asked and were really very nice, so here's a link for a little thing I did recently... Modular, some analog synths and an Octatrack. A melting pot of weirdo drones and electronic oddities"

Rich People with Cheap Stereos Podcast: Guest Mix 95: Pip Williams


For those who prefer to pay less for this beauty:

Until 5th December pre-order the new 5th Anniversary 808 Box and save 25 euro!

Pre-order here: info@fundamental-records.com

- Red wooden box silkscreen printed in black and white colors
- 10 vinyl records 12" high quality sound and master. High quality sleeves.
- 1 extra record 7" silkscreen printed sleeve, with tracks by Wisp and Alek Stark in tribute to Ikutaro Kakehashi, inventor, founder of Roland Corporation, pioneer in electronic music instruments and creator of the Roland TR-808.
- High quality t-shirt printed with the TR-808 graphics, available in all sizes.
- 76 tracks - 5 hours and 29 minutes in high quality vinyl records.
- Limited to 250 units, hand numbered
In alphabetical order, tracks by:
Fundamental Records 017
All tracks mastered by Alek Stark at Fundamental Audio

Franck Kartell - Experiences Temporelles

Following on from his sought after sold out album 'Afterlife' Franck Kartell returns for his fourth outing on Bass Agenda Recordings. The album is a homage to the 1962 Chris Marker short film "La Jetee" or "The Jetty". The film tells the story of a post-nuclear war experiment in time travel and was the inspiration for the 1995 film "12 Monkeys." The music captures brilliantly the emotions and atmosphere of the 1962 science fiction feature and shows that electronic music composition deserves a place next to more widely accepted forms of expression. Released only on vinyl to ensure the complete works are heard together, the eight tracks, like the still photos used to construct the original film, depict individual scenes and evoke certain images in the mind. Yet it is the effect of these scenes when experienced in sequence that unlocks the deeper journey and true craftsmanship of Kartell.



All info and download HERE

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Tresor Records, 300th release... SCOPEX 1998-200

From Chris Roman aka 214, Facebook:

I hope everyone ordered their Scopex reissues. Already out of stock.
***Looks like Hardwax still has some.


On the occasion of the 300th release on Tresor Records and the 20th anniversary of the mysterious Scopex imprint, we are glad to present you the long awaited re-edition of the three essential Scopex records, along with a previously unreleased track, recorded during these essential sessions.
All tracks are re-mastered from the original DAT tapes. The recently unearthed “Original Flow" was originally recorded in 2000 and previously unreleased. The 4 records come together in a beautiful gatefold sleeve featuring the original and idiosyncratic Scopex designs with delicate spot UV print. Essential...
Tresor.300 releases November 24th on 4x12" vinyl only.
Various Artists - Scopex 1998-2000 [Tresor 300]

 A1  Simulant: New Machines
 A2  Simulant: Musical Box

 B1  Simulant: Wav. Form
 B2  Simulant: Wav. Form (Mix)
 B3  Simulant: Untitled (Locked Groove)

 C1  Simulant: Knife Edge
 C2  Simulant: Spectre

 D1  Simulant: Access Future Audio
 D2  Simulant: Access Future Audio (Mix)

 E1  Pollon: Lost Souls
 E2  Pollon: Lonely Planet

 F1  Pollon: Intro
 F2  Pollon: Lost Souls (Mix)
 F3  Pollon: Xtro

 G1  Pollon: Optimal Flow

Ladies & Gents... AUX88: FACTS

from Keith Tucker Facebook:

AUX88 little known fact #1

Blak Tony is one of the most prolific writers in detroit, he also is A accomplished Artsit with A pencil and paint......not only does he draw he's a poet.


Live Performances by "The Eygptian Lover", "Newcleus", "Aux 88", Erik Travis and a" Tribute to the Electrifying Mojo". Hosted by 105.1 The Bounce on air personality Your cousin "Reggie Reg" & your Hustle & Line Dance Master of Detroit "Dj Maestro"
Bert's Warehouse Theatre
2727 Russell Street
Detroit, MI 48207
Ticket Info

AUX88 little known fact #2
Will bj Smith is an accomplished classical and jazz musician who spent many early years perfecting his craft in middle and high school. Will Smith and Tommy hamilton were also inA very popular Dance troup in detroit call the Devo Dancers!! He toured pop locking and jitting.

AUX88 little known fact #3
Tommy Hamilton aka TOM TOM is an accomplished Drummer and clothing tailer. Tommy has created out fits for his previous dance Troop "Devo Dancers" and has many skills with cooking
some awesome food....."He makes some mean Spaghetti"

AUX88 little known fact #4
Keith Tucker aka K-1 is accoplished computer graphic artist. Did you know he attended the prestigous Lawrence Instutute of Technology . Tucker went on to create his label Puzzlebox in 1995 and also has created 95 percent of all the graphics , websites and art for Aux88 and various other allies from there catalog.

AUX88 little known fact #5
AUX88 started out as RX-7 IN THE EARLY EIGHTIES as a electronic music cover band.The band covered such classics as Newcleus tracks "Jam on It" , Egyptian Lovers Egypt Egypt,"When I hear Music - Debbbie Debb , "Clear" Cybotron......."Jam the Box" - Pretty Tony. It took them a minute to realize that they were actually creating music that not many musicians could do at the time and still to this day. It will be a honor to play with artist we grew up dancing to on the Radio .Newcleus and Egyptian lover.

AUX88 little known fact #6
AUX88 has played live in 95% of the world since 1995.
The group along with Drexciya single handedly revived the electro movement in dance music. Aux88 also produced there very own Documentary in 2015 that has sparked the group to make more of there special box set and repress all there vinyl classics starting in 2018

AUX88 little known fact #7
AUX88 has recorded under the monikers of Sight Beyond Sight, Alien Fm, Mikronox, Posatronix, K-1, Optic Nerve, TRAXX, XILE, AUXMEN,.. The group performed as a electronic band in the early 80 s detroit African american festival. Long before there was ever the electronic festival in detroit.

AUX88 discography: https://www.discogs.com/es/artist/786-Aux-88

Friday, 24 November 2017

Frank De Groodt: Sonar Bases 4 - 10 - REPRESS!

Limited Edition 100 Triple Colored 180gr ....... RUN!!!

PRE-ORDER HERE: https://deeptrax.bandcamp.com/album/sonar-bases-4-10

The limited edition triple colored vinyl. Only 100 will be pressed, no repress. It's the official remastered re-issue of the Dutchman Frank de Groodt with his alias Sonar Base. Released in 1997, now 20 years later it's time for the re-issue. Don't miss out!

SHIPWREC 053: Umwelt - Encoding the Future

Umwelt returns to Shipwrec for his third 12" on the dutch label in as many years. Encoding the Future sees the French pioneer deliver five tracks of on point electronics. Umwelt is known for his trademark sound of piercing percussion, serrating synthlines and industrial strength bass. These elements are all present on this latest EP but have been carved back to allow strings to soar and pads to resonate. New plains are explored. Frigid elegance is juxtaposed by coarse chords, deep basslines countered by lilting lines. Encoding the Future opens a new chapter for the Lyons based producer as he dives into new textures and tones whilst remaining tethered to his cold electro roots.

No soundcloud link for now but you can listen it HERE

Bass Agenda: Radar Blips Nov. 2017

Check out a few of the latest blips on the radar from the Bass Agenda inbox/letterbox this last few weeks:

Detroit's Filthiest - Humans Have Failed (Bass Agenda Recordings - BA067 - 1st December - Bandcamp/other vinyl stores)

Go Nuclear - Exotic Dancer (Bass Agenda Recordings - BA067 - 1st December - Bandcamp/other vinyl stores)

Versalife - Mind Control (Transcendent - out now)

Anthony Rother - G.E. (Miami Mix) (Omnidisc)

Tekkatazzula - Wired (self released - (Bandcamp)

Kritika 035: E.B.A.M.

from Goran Alavuk:
"other vision of electro with xperimental and hiphop influence"

Created somewhere after the border crossing Evzoni 2010/2011, worked on the Akai S2000.
Music and Production: E.B.A.M.
Mix: Goran Alavuk 
Mastering: Sasa Pavlovic 

UMX004: Gods & Aliens Ep

"Another release from the UMX label with on side A some Heavy bass sound electro tracks
On side B deepgoing electro with some dark twists..."

Buy here: https://www.deejay.de/Paulus8_Rise_Black_Natural_Nate_Jiggabot_Alavux

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

BASS AGENDA RECS: Descent Into Darkness​/​Machine Learning

Long term friends and artistic collaborators Detroit's Filthiest (aka DJ Nasty) and Go Nuclear bring their next two Electro release to Bass Agenda simultaneously. 

On Side A, Detroit's Filthiest assaults hard with four ferocious dance floor destroyers, showing off both his lifelong passion for Electro and his ability to approach production differently from the majority - blending twisted Detroit rave hooks with a dose of infectious machine funk. 

On Side B, New Zealand's Go Nuclear return after their very well received 'Techno World' debut on Bass Agenda Recordings. This record, their Machine Learning EP, stays faithful to their love of the old school Electro sounds of Detroit with 3 tracks of dance floor futuristic funk. 

The two artists meet in the middle with Detroit's Filthiest remixing the title track in his usual no-nonsense style.

Release date: December 1, 2017 

PRE-ORDER: https://bassagendarecordings.bandcamp.com

Mastered by Alek Stark 
Artwork by Tim Checkley 
(c) Bass Agenda Recordings 2017 All Rights Reserved 
Cat.No. - BA067 (vinyl) BA067B (Digital) 
Release date - 1st December (Vinyl) / TBC January 2018 (Digital) 


In last months Mauro Nakimi upload to his Youtube channel some excursions in electro mode. Now all this tracks (16!) are available as free download for everyone.

This is really nice gift for the electro nation, thanks Mauro! downloading now... ... ...


New release by Electro Music Coalition, limited to 100 copies! vinyl only...

VA - Do Androids Dream of Electro Sheep? EP - 2018 [EMC V 002]

Electro Music Coalition
Format: Vinyl, 12", EP, Limited Edition
Release date: 2018

Compiled by Andrey Neuro for Electro Music Coalition
Mastered by Alek Stark at Fundamental Audio
Artwork & Disign by Stanislav Virin

PRE-ORDER HERE: https://electrocoalition.bandcamp.com

MTRON004: The Exaltics, Drvg Cvltvre, Le Chocolat Noir, Kluentah

The Exaltics and Drvg Cvltvre pack the A-side with gritty, hypnotizing acid burners, relentlessly paced and bound to induce frenzy. On the flip, Le Chocolat Noir and Kluentah (50% of Hamburg duo Fallbeil) dive deep into analogue driven electro trips, culminating with Kluentah’s 9-minute journey ‘Nightliner’.

Vinyl + digital release November 24th.

BUY HERE: https://mechatronica.bandcamp.com

Mechatronica, releases, radio show and other activities

We just receive an email from Casper about Mechatronica, what it is, releases, radio show and other activities, now you know it.


We promote the electro sound via our parties in Berlin, radio shows, podcast series, uploads of live sets and releases our vinyl+digital label. 

On November 24th our new vinyl+digital release with The Exaltics, Drvg Cvltvre, Le Chocolat Noir and Kluentah will be in shops:

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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

BLIND ALLIES... Pay attention to this


The first release of Blind Allies is a four track musical journey from scientific electro by DVS NME and acidic trip by Lectromagnetique on one side, explosive cut from Gosub and mysterious experiment of Cosmic Force on the other side will take you away to the dark side of electro world. 

Vinyl only

DVS NME - Cryostasis 
Lectromagnetique - Ubel 
Gosub - Fornication Methods 
Cosmic Force - The Greek Magical Papyri

Released May 12, 2017

BUY HERE: https://blindallies.bandcamp.com/album/seance


The second release from Blind Allies is the latest journey to the universe of unearthly music. It includes acid electro trip from Docta Gee, stunning track by -=UHU=-, journey to outer space from Franck Kartell and cosmic saga by Komarken Electronics. 

Vinyl only

Docta Gee - Delta Waves 
-=UHU=- - Deep Ocean 
Franck Kartell - Whispers From Space 
Komarken Electronics - Funktion

released October 6, 2017

BUY HERE: https://blindallies.bandcamp.com/album/muteness


This release of Blind Allies is a disclosure of its main idea, it includes the tracks of artists never collaborating together. 
The artists toiled hard together on a similar concept keeping themselves unknown. The results of their contribution you can check out by yourself. 

Vinyl only

Cosmic Force & Alavux - Solar Flares 
Docta Gee & Somatic Responses - Age Of Turbulence 
Koova & DVS NME - Four Candles 
Krypton 81 & Cosmic Monkey - Imitator 
Lectromagnetique & Olloy - Molecular Cloud 
Franck Kartell & Komarken Electronics - Iterative Arrays

releases date: January 12, 2018

BUY HERE: https://blindallies.bandcamp.com/album/inference